Exceptional medication management and advice

In direct, frank and confidential communications with patients, caregivers and helpers, our team of experts ensures that we always have the right information to provide medication and advice perfectly adapted to each situation.

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Made-to-measure services

We do everything we can to support our patients at every stage, so that they can access their treatments with complete peace of mind. We try to ensure that no question is left unanswered, and we also help them by telephone in order to help manage possible side effects.

  1. We deliver free-of-charge throughout Quebec, and fully respect cold chain logistics while ensuring the optimal treatment of medication.
  2. We vaccinate both in our facilities and at home to ensure patients’ health and protection against a wide range of pathologies.
  3. We communicate with patients or their representatives to plan refills and optimize treatment adherence.
  4. We facilitate insurance claims and reimbursements.
  5. We answer questions from patients and their caregivers at all times, and help them manage side effects.
  6. We ensure that our products always respect cold chain logistics by monitoring and controlling the temperature of storage refrigerators 24/7 and by equipping them with a variation alert.
  7. We offer training services for administering injectable medications. Your pharmacist can show you how to administer this medication yourself.

Proactivity to your advantage

For the expert team at Vermette & Bergeron, the personalized relationship with patients is an ongoing priority, before, during and after the processing of a medication order. As a result, we constantly perform tasks that go unnoticed, but which make a big difference.

Collection of validated data

  • We speak personally with each patient in order to understand their specific medication history.
  • We consult the QHR to validate information in the patient file.
  • We coordinate with the patient’s community pharmacy to advise them of the specialty therapy we are providing. The FULL treatment team is always up to date on the patient’s pharmacotherapy.
  • We evaluateand analyze prescriptions.

Treatment management

  • We monitor the efficacy (labs, patient questionnaire, etc.) and tolerance of each medication.
  • We constantly improve treatment adherence through reminders of when medication is renewed.
  • We take care of the packaging and handling of medication.
  • We maintain a large stock of products to avoid any supply delay.
  • We respect the cold chain at each stage of the handling and delivery of specialty products.
  • We facilitate the reimbursement of drug costs by insurers.
  • We deliver directly to injection clinics free of charge when possible.

Sharing information

  • We transmit all relevant information to patients regarding their pharmacotherapy via various tools (leaflets, videos, teaching via pharmacists, teaching via support programs nurses, etc.)
  • We are in constant communication with other healthcare professionals to ensure the continuity of your care.

Tracking medication delivery

Here are some practical tips to avoid late delivery.

  1. Confirm a date and a place of delivery with a member of our team.
    Quebec area: 418 781-1690 option 1 | Other areas: 1 844 781-1690 option 1or Email: pharmacievb.qc@gse.ca
  2. Make sure you have a tracking number from the delivery service provider (GLS, Purolator).

A. If you have one, use the link below to enter it and track the delivery.



B. If you are having trouble tracking your package through the delivery service provider, if you do not have a tracking number or for immediate assistance, contact a member of our team.

Telephone: Quebec area: 418 781-1690 option 1
Other areas: 1 844 781-1690 option 1

Courriel : pharmacievb.qc@gse.ca

We offer a vaccination service that protects against diseases.

Here are the vaccines we currently offer:

  • Meningitis
  • Shingles

For more information on available vaccines, their side effects, contraindications and more, contact us.